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Zhang Jia Jie

The visitor center for the Zhang Jia Jie park is built like an ancient pavilion. It stands tall against the lush hillsides surrounding it. The expansive hall of the Zhang Jia Jie visitor center is highlighted by beautiful chandeliers and a big screen TV showing…

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Before we get to the main attraction in Zhang Jia Jie, we stop at the mountain temple called Zixiaguan. This Taoist temple was built in the Ming dynasty, about 500 years ago. In 1992, the temple was rebuilt thanks to a donation from the local…

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Yellow Dragon Caves

During our recent visit to China, we took a tour bus from downtown Changsha to Zhang Jia Jie. The drive is a long one, about 330 km and about 4 hours till we reach our destination. Along the way we see a lot of farm…

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China Through My Lens

My first visit to China surpassed all of my expectations. I expected a China that most westerners have been taught to think of when they think of China – namely a poorly developed socialist country where people work for the common good and they all…