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Tamshui and Danshui

June 22, 2011 We start our exploration of Tamshui at Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, which is a very scenic spot at the western tip of Tamsui District in New Taipei City. It’s known for a beautiful sunset and fresh seafood restaurants. Despite it’s tourist attraction, it…

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Miniatures Museum

June 21, 2011 The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is the first museum to collect miniatures in Asia. It was founded in 1997 by Mr Lin Wen-ren and his wife. Mr. Lin and his wife enjoyed buying little houses and toy cars for their children while…

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Taipei 101

June 20, 2011 Taipei 101 rises to a height of 508 meters and was the world’s tallest building until the opening of the tallest in Dubai. We travel up almost 90 floors to see the view from the top. The tower, inspirationally designed by the…

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National Palace Museum

June 20, 2011 Taipei’s National Palace Museum, in the suburbs of Taipei, has been called one of the premier sites of human culture. From the Song Dynasty on, China’s emperors were avid collectors of this land’s finest artworks and many of these treasures are on…

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Taipei Zoo

June 19, 2011 The Taipei Zoo has over 190 acres of outdoor and indoor animal exhibits open to the public every day. The facilities consist of 6 main buildings: the Education Center, the Nocturnal Animal house, the Penguin house, the Koala house, the Amphibian and…

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Maokong Gondola

June 19, 2011 Our first stop in Taipei is the Maokong Gondola, a 4 kilometer cable car between the Taipei Zoo and Zhinan Temple and on to Maokong. We will travel all the way to Maokong Station. The gondola rises over 275 meters between the…