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Our Journey to China Begins Leave a comment Read more »

Our Journey to China Begins

June 5, 2011 We return to China after three years to take my wife’s parents to Changsha, their home town in Hunan province on the mainland, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We take off from SeaTac airport, on our way to Beijing for the…

Flying to Vienna Leave a comment Read more »

Flying to Vienna

May 21, 2010 – Seattle, Austria We have started our journey to Austria and we need to take several planes to get there.  In this video, we chronicle our perilous journey to Vienna, Austria to start our very first visit of this beautiful country. Video…

Revisiting Kubota Garden Leave a comment Read more »

Revisiting Kubota Garden

Today was a glorius sunny spring-like day and my wife and I and her parents all got in the car and we drove to one of our favorite local gardens – the Kubota Garden.  We have visited this garden for the past two years.  And…

China Through My Lens 1 Comment Read more »

China Through My Lens

My first visit to China surpassed all of my expectations. I expected a China that most westerners have been taught to think of when they think of China – namely a poorly developed socialist country where people work for the common good and they all…

Switzerland For the First Time Leave a comment Read more »

Switzerland For the First Time

Our big adventure for 2007 was our trip to Switzerland.  We spent months planning our trip using a combination of Rick Steve’s Switzerland 2007 guide book, Google Earth, and websites.  Finally in June of 2007, we boarded our plane at Seatac and started our journey. …