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Haus der Natur

June 1, 2010 The Museum of Natural History and Technology’s Aquarium is considered one of the most beautiful aquariums in Central Europe. Its 36 tanks, the biggest one holding 10,000 liters of water, present the wonders of underwater life in vivid detail. The myriad of…

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Salzburg Toy Museum

June 1, 2010 The Toy Museum in Salzburg houses Austria’s biggest collection of historical and famous toys from all over Europe. For over 25 years, this room holds the “Kasperltheater” puppet show every Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 pm. A large collection of paper theaters and…

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Salzburg Museum of Modern Art

June 1, 2010 The modern art museum on top of the Monchsberg was built in 2004. Its architectural design is much more interesting than the exhibits inside. The museum is located above the rooftops of the Old City on the edge of the steep Mönchsberg…

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Hohensalzburg Fortress

June 1, 2010 – Salzburg, Austria Salzburg’s old town is connected to the top of the Monchsberg mountain by a funicular.  On the second day of our visit to Salzburg, we take the funicular up to the imposing Hohensalzburg Fortress. Built on a rock 400 feet…

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Hellbrunn Castle in Salzburg

May 31, 2010 – Salzburg, Austria We woke up to a lot of rain on our first day in Salzburg.  So we changed our plans and drove to Hellbrunn Castle so we could get a little more wet. In 1610, Prince and Archbishop Sitticus decided…

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