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Miniatures Museum

June 21, 2011 The Miniatures Museum of Taiwan is the first museum to collect miniatures in Asia. It was founded in 1997 by Mr Lin Wen-ren and his wife. Mr. Lin and his wife enjoyed buying little houses and toy cars for their children while…

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Ezra Cooper’s Garage

I always wanted to build this kit as a boy, but never did. Later in 2004 I finally bought one on eBay and built it. I just love all the tiny details in this kit.  I remember opening that box for the first time and…

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Roadside Delights

I completed this special edition kit in December 1993. This is pure 1900’s Americana in miniature and is one of the first kits to depict a city block. Photos of the completed kit:

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Swakhammer Welding Company

This is the first model railroad craftsman kit I ever built. I started it before I left Beaverton, Oregon in about 1988 and I finished it while living in Bellevue, WA in December 1991.  I learned a lot about building and detailing a kit when…