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My New Portrait Studio

My New Portrait Studio

My Studio in ActionSanta Claus was very good to me this last Christmas, or I should say my wife was.  She let me buy a monolight set and backdrop.  For years I’ve always wanted to learn how to take great portrait and fashion photos.  Before I was married, though, I never had much interest.  But now that I have a great subject, my lovely wife, I wanted to try my hand at it.

So, for Christmas, I got a new Interfit EXD200 monolight kit with two 200ws monolights and a 40cm silver umbrella, a translucent umbrella, and a 2′ lightbox.  I also got a backdrop system with white and black paper.

Initally I also got an Interfit wireless remote control for my camera (Canon 30D) and one of the monolights, but I had to return it because it was so unreliable.  It would sporadically flash the light even though I wasn’t clicking the shutter button.  Must have been interfering with something.  I wish I could find a reliable wireless remote, but until I do, I’m just using the PC cable.

  EXD200 Monolight with Umbrella  Photographer in Action 

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