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My Best Fashion Photos So Far

My Best Fashion Photos So Far

The fruits of my labors of learning how to do fashion photography are this set of some of my best photos of my lovely wife from my new portrait studio that I setup last Christmas. I produced a photobook of these and some more called “Beautiful Xiaohong” and I’ve got a copy of it on our coffee table at home. I think the photos came out great for a first try.

The hardest thing to get right is the pose.  I never thought it would be so hard to try to figure out how the model should stand or sit or pose so that it makes her look great.  My wife and I have tried looking at catalogs and magazines to try to get an idea of the best poses, but we usually end up just trying for a natural pose and that works the best.

For Christmas 2009 I got a studio with two monolights and a backdrop of white and black. I also got a light meter and gray card. Ever since I’ve been taking a lot of portrait and fashion photos of my wife in an attempt to learn the tricks of this type of photography. It’s been an interest of mine for many years to take fashion photos.

I’ve also enjoyed learning about the software tools like Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5, both of which I use to enhance the photos.

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