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The Emporium Seafood Company

The Emporium Seafood Company

Emporium Seafood CompanyCompleted in October 2007, this kit took me over a year to complete. I worked on it off and on. It was a challenging kit. There’s more than one kit here – can you name the other one in the scene?

I hand-laid the track in front of the buildings.  My wife helped me with planting the tiny weeds all over the scene.  I just love all the interior detail in the workshop building.  I decided to add lights to the interior and I added a wall light just above the entrances to the side workshop to light all that wonderful interior clutter.

During the construction of this kit, I also took some photos.  Not many, but they give you an idea of the steps to finish it.

Photos of the completed kit:

Photos of the kit under construction:

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5 Comments to The Emporium Seafood Company

  1. Great job on the Emporium. I am looking forward to starting mine soon. I am attempting it from scratch, though I do have a copy of the plans.

  2. Jessica

    Another fabulous design! When I read the “about me” blurb I was surprised…no shocked to read the quote. My best friend, who is gone now, used to say it to me frequently! She loved silly jokes and quotes, and would always laugh at the things that came from her children. Thanks for bringing back a good memory. And thanks again for sharing your talent. Jess

  3. allen r baker

    what is the foot print of the emporium seafood

  4. I just measured it – about 15″ x 10″

  5. i owed you a reply.. thank you, building it now. Now trying to print pixtures of the completed kit.

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