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App Store Crashes with Juniper Network Connect

App Store Crashes with Juniper Network Connect

UPDATED:  This issue appears to be fixed with the latest 10.6.8 OSX update from Apple.

I spent several hours this evening dealing with a crashing problem with the App Store application under Mac OS X 10.6.7.  The problem is that when you start App Store, it crashes and presents the following unexpected quit log report:

This is what I get when I have Juniper Network Connect running with a vpn connection open. Click to zoom in.


I google’d the problem and found several forum posts about similar issues with App Store after upgrading the OS.  However, I tried doing what the answers to those issues indicated was necessary to solve the problem.  Alas, for me the problem didn’t get solved.  Then I discovered that I had a vpn connection open to my workplace via Juniper Network Connect version 6.5.0 (build 14951).  I tried signing out of the vpn and when I then tried to bring up App Store, it came up without error.  I found out that it doesn’t matter whether Juniper Network Connect is running or not, it only matters that you do not have a vpn connection open at the time you try to bring up the App Store.  So if you just sign out of a vpn connection, but leave Juniper Network Connect running, App Store starts up just fine.

I post this here so that it might help others struggling with this same problem.  Check that you don’t have a vpn connection open when you try to use App Store.

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3 Comments to App Store Crashes with Juniper Network Connect

  1. I just got the same thing. After several crashes I googled and found your post. I was using Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client (version 2.3.0254 – an old version but that’s what our server support) to connect to my work. Couldn’t understand why App Store (which worked fine last week) all of a sudden crashes upon start. I guess they simply cannot handle VPN connections at all (regardless of the client). Thanks for your post!

  2. I’ve been having App Store issues the past couple of days and some forum threads and/or CNET articles would point you to Bootcamp and/or mounted NTFS volumes as the culprit and it wasn’t the case for me. I started quitting running background apps including Google QSB, Hamachi, and found out that the Juniper was actually causing it! And googling it brought me to this page.

  3. Thank you!

    With Lion coming out soon, I was considering reloading Snow Leopard just to get rid of this problem. Googled into your post, worked like a charm.

    Thanks for the big hassles avoided !

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