Xinjie Island

Chris & Hong find the Ark

Xinjie Island

Xinjie Island

June 16 and 17, 2011

The world’s only full-sized replica of Noah’s Ark at Ma Wan Park is a must-see attraction in Hong Kong. The distinctive Ark on the Ma Wan waterfront overlooks the Rambler Channel and Tsing Ma Bridge. The park also features exhibits which showcase the unique culture and history of Ma Wan.

There are 67 pairs of life-size animal sculptures on display at the Ark Garden, in front of the giant ark. It’s like the flood has ended and Noah let all the animals out of the ark to walk around for the first time in this garden recreation of ancient times. You enter the ark from the bottom in various portals that lead to different levels in the ark. Inside the ark is 4 stories high with exhibits and office spaces on various levels.

The first exhibit we encountered was all about the ark. Artifacts on display unearthed from ancient times let you journey back in time to the heady days of the ark. A futuristic control room complete with multimedia computer displays let you investigate the colorful history of ark sightings and research about where the ark might be found today. One room contains an impressive display of model Noah’s Arks made by people from all over the world. Another exhibit is about fossil discovery, natural forces like earthquakes and typhoons, and wildlife conservation. Upstairs there are a bunch of playrooms for children of all ages to explore nature and science in, and to just have fun.

Across the street from Noah’s Ark, there’s the Ma Wan nature garden which features thousands of native trees that have been preserved. The garden is terraced along the natural landscape. There’s a windmill on site that produces renewable and clean energy for the irrigation system, lights, and the heritage center in the park. An unique metal sculpture is located at the top of the hill that the park is located on. It forms the backdrop of a platform lookout to Hong Kong. Just outside the Heritage Center, is an ancient oven that was unearthed here on this site. The heritage center displays ancient relics that were uncovered at Ma Wan during the construction of this park.

The next day we visit Snoopy World, located next to a mall. Lovers of the cutest beagle of the comic world will adore Snoopy’s World in Hong Kong. Snoopy World is split into six different “fun zones”. This magical world contains a canoe ride, a baseball dugout, a big yellow American school bus as well as 60 popular Peanuts figures. The amazing giant Snoopy that sits reclining on top of his famous doghouse is the largest outdoor model Snoopy in the world.

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