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We Visit The Farm

We Visit The Farm

We got an e-mail from my wife’s sister telling us about The Farm at Swan’s Trail in Snohomish, WA, which is close to where we live in Everett. So, we decided to join her there with her little girl Emily (our famous travel companion on many world journeys) and her friend Amy. We had never visited this family-run farm, so it was an extra treat.

The weather was overcast, but the filtered sun made it warm and the wonderful country air smelled so fresh and clean. The Farm is right on the shores of the beautiful Snohomish River, where I’ve visited many times and taken wonderful photographs.

We started at the great Duck Race. There’s a big trough and the ducks start at one end and swim as fast as possible to the other end to win. The favorite duck for this competition was the male mallard with the bright green head – nicknamed Oregon Duck. Once again this year, he sailed to victory passing all the others.

Later we saw the pig show where three little pigs and one big one re-enact the story of the three little pigs and the wolf. It all ends with the four running as fast as they can around a small fenced-in course and ending up in a brick house. What fun!

We saw lots of pumpkins in the large pumpkin patch, we took pictures of ourselves sitting and hugging some giant pumpkins, and we played with the smaller kids in the hay barn and on the swings.

Here’s a panorama of the pumpkin patch I took:

Here’s a slide show of some of the sights we saw on The Farm:

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