The Golden Bauhinia

Chris & Hong commemorate the reunification

The Golden Bauhinia

The Golden Bauhinia

June 14, 2011

The Golden Bauhinia Square, outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the waterfront marks the most significant occasion in Hong Kong’s history – the return of the former British colony to the People’s Republic of China, and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The Golden Bauhinia sculpture is a gift from the Central Government to mark the widespread joy of the people at the return of the territory to China after more than 150 years. Near the Golden Bauhinia stands the Reunification Monument bearing the inscriptions of President Jiang Zemin’s calligraphy.

The handover took place in 1997 in the convention centre with President Jiang Zemin and other dignitaries representing China, and Prince Charles present to witness the relinquishment of what had often been described as “the richest jewel in the British Crown”.

Jutting into Victoria Harbor on the Wan Chai waterfront is one of Hong Kong’s most impressive and stunning pieces of architecture. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, with its sweeping sails roof and vast glass windows, is a striking visual testament to Hong Kong’s ongoing development.

To mark the occasion, there’s a daily flag raising ceremony that takes place in front of the Golden Bauhinia statue. Uniformed Hong Kong police officers conduct the flag raising to the national anthem.

Video from our visit:

Photos from our visit:

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