Switzerland 2016 - Zurich

Chris & Hong see a little China in Zurich

Switzerland 2016 – Zurich

Switzerland 2016 - Zurich

Located on the shores of Lake Zurich, Chinagarten Zurich is a beautiful garden that was a gift from Zurich’s partner town of Kunming, China and is dedicated to the three friends of Winter.

The three friends of Winter symbolize the pine tree, the bamboo, and plum – in ancient Chinese art these three symbolize steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience.

The garden is surrounded by a low red colored decorative wall and takes up about a city block.

The main entrance features calligraphy reading “China Garden”. The carved panels on either side feature excerpts from various Chinese stories.

Nine rows of nails in the door and it’s red color signify a door reserved for the emperor.

A small artificial mountain is juxtaposed with the water of the central pond and represents the Yin and Yang. The rock of the mountain is like the bones of the garden – focusing the visitor’s gaze.

The garden was a gift of gratitude for Zurich’s technical and scientific assistance in establishing a drinking water system in Kunming.

Most of the structures in the garden, including the pavilions, bridge, and galleries are crafted out of solid cedar wood.

The ceiling paintings in the gallery emphasize the uniqueness of the Yunnan culture and its influences from various ethnic groups.

Overall there are more than 500 still life and landscape paintings in the garden.

Photos from our visit:

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