Switzerland 2016 - Santis

Chris & Hong survey the Alpstein mastif

Switzerland 2016 – Santis

Switzerland 2016 - Santis

A little higher than the Ebenalp, the highest mountain in the Alpstein massif of northeastern Switzerland is the Santis at over 2500 meters above sea level.

We take a 10 minute, 2300 meter long cable car ride to the summit station.

The Santis has been a popular tourist destination since the mid 19th century.

Originally access to the Santis would have been made by a rack and pinion railway extension to the mainline from Wasserauen, but it was abandoned due to the high cost.

Later in 1933, a local businessman’s plan for a cable car along the route we take today was approved for construction and was completed in 1935.

The entire installation was replaced and upgraded in 1976. Today it is one of the most popular cable car routes in Switzerland.

At the peak of the Santis is a 124 meter tall broadcast tower that was originally constructed in 1955 and rebuilt in 1997. It services Swiss radio and television.

At the summit station’s panoramic terrace we can see a spectacular panorama including six countries on a clear day – Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, and Italy.

There’s a weather station that was built in 1882, that’s still in use today.

A mineral exhibit showcases some of the gems that can be found on the Santis.

Photos from our visit:

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