Switzerland 2016 - Kronberg

Chris & Hong slide down the mountain

Switzerland 2016 – Kronberg

Switzerland 2016 - Kronberg

The 1663 meter tall Kronberg mountain, in the western part of Appenzell near the town of Jakobsbad, boasts a cable car, great luge ride down the mountain, a rope park, and miles of hiking trails.

The rope park features 52 active elements like swaying obstacles and loose ropes. There are 8 trails and 31 different platforms scattered throughout the forest and meadow for a total course length of about 950 meters.

The luge ride features a 1000 meter course that winds through the forest and the meadow with lots of twists and turns to make it thrilling.

The cable car wisks you up the Kronberg to the summit in about 8 minutes.

One of the big attractions on the Kronberg for us is the Alpine Coaster ride – a bobsled down the mountain at high speed.

After getting in your sled, you are pulled all the way up the course at a leisurely speed to the top which is about 450 meters from the gates.

At the top it’s time to experience the wild 1000 meter plunge through dips, waves, and curves down the Kronberg and across grassy alpine meadows.

You can go up to 26 miles per hour, which doesn’t seem like a high speed, but the thrill of going down this mountain coupled with the twists and turns along the way make it fast enough for some excitement.

Legend has it that in ancient times, a giant climbed up the Kronberg with a bag of houses. The bag got torn on the jagged rocks and the houses were scattered here and there – which accounts for the characteristic scattered housing of the Appenzell region today.

After a wild ride down the mountain, it’s time to go back up.

We board the cable car at the Jakobsbad-Kronberg base station and start our 8 minute ascent of the mountain.

From our cable car we can see the rope park and luge riders below on the valley floor. We’ll climb about 1600 meters to reach the summit.

We reach the end of the line at Bergstation at the summit of the Kronberg.

The panorama at the top of the mountain is breathtaking.

You can see the Santis, the Hoher Kasten, and several other Alpstein favorites.

On a clear day you can even see as far as Lake Constance.

Also on the summit is the Berggasthaus Kronberg which serves up a tasty Swiss cuisine with remarkable views of the Alpstein.

There is a children’s playground as well as a sun terrace where you can view the fabulous mountains up close and personal.

Photos from our visit:

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