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Salzburg Zoo

Salzburg Zoo

June 4, 2010

Salzburg’s Zoo is home to around 800 animals. Situated at the foot of the Hellbrunner Mountain, it’s the only zoo in Salzburg. It started in 1424 as a private park of the archbishop of Salzburg. The zoo has steep rocky cliffs on one side and a hilly floodplain landscape on the other. It’s home to around 800 animals from all over the world, including alpacas, wolves, lions, tigers, apes, and more.

There are species from Eurasia, Africa, America, and Australia at the zoo.

A Griffin Vulture, a native of Eurasia, decided that he wanted his picture taken as we walked by. Nearby, a Macaw from America hides in the bushes.

A group of black-tailed prairie dogs are quite photogenic and we have fun watching them as they stand up and look around.

No zoo collection would be complete without flamingos, and there are quite a few at the Salzburg Zoo.

The Salzburg Zoo is one of few zoos I’ve been to which featured a colony of Guinea Pigs. These playful guys have a little Austrian villiage to play in.

Two rhinos stare at each other in contempt. They may be contemplating battle, or maybe they are just too lazy to even bother.

A peacock puts on a brilliant display for us.

Video from our visit:


Photos from our visit:

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