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Remembering Portland

Remembering Portland

Return to ReedMy visit home to Portland was full of emotions for me. On the one hand, I enjoyed seeing where I grew up, on the other hand I felt disconnected from my home. I suppose that always happens when you are away for so long.

I was surprised to find that all the same places and buildings and landmarks were still there – my old schools, my favorite parks, even my childhood home – all of it was there, basically unchanged. Only the people I once knew were gone. I felt like I had been in an intergalactic spaceship travelling at near the speed of light and when I returned in what seemed to me as only a short while later, for Portland it had been like an eternity. I experienced a sort of relativistic effect in seeing Portland again.

I wanted to show my wife where I was born, where I grew up,and where I was last at home before leaving Portland. I accomplished that, but for me it was a melancholy homecoming.

We saw places that we had never seen before, and those I had never seen, even though they were in my backyard for years there in Portland.

As a visitor, I think I experienced more of Portland than I ever did when I was a resident. In that way my return home was a success. To experience all that I had missed out on when I was growing up there was enjoyable.

I hope the images that I’ve recorded here will help you to enjoy and appreciate my hometown and all the simple charm it has.

Photos from our visit:

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