Our Wedding

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Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Someone recently asked me, why I didn’t have my wedding pictures posted on my blog.  That was a good question and one that I wanted to answer as soon as possible.  Our journey together began on November 4, 2006 when we joined together in a beautiful ceremony that captured the hearts of all who attended.

The story of our wedding could be described as a romantic love story ending in a perfect union.  Behind the scenes, though, it was a whirlwind adventure in planning and organizing a wedding.  We met, we fell in love, and we got engaged in 9 days!  Then in another 13 days, we had our wedding ceremony!  Wow!

Some couples take years to plan their weddings.  We did it in two weeks and our wedding was one of the best our family ever had.  Even our photographer, Jenny Olson of Olson Photography in Mill Creek, Washington, said at the time “…your wedding was one of the most beautiful and well planned of any I have photographed.”  Pretty good for a couple who had never been married before and who had no idea about how to plan a wedding.

We started by selecting the venue.  I saw some photos of past weddings at the Victorian Manor at Snohomish, a small Victorian home in the picturesque and historic small downtown of Snohomish, Washington, close to my home in Everett.  Xiaohong and I agreed that this would be a lovely place.  We both wanted a traditional Victorian wedding, but we wanted to mix some Chinese culture into the ceremony.  I did some research and found a wonderful minister and his wife (who is also a minister). They had a lot of experience planning such ceremonies – Kent Buttars and Pat Stimac of A Heavenly Ceremony in Seattle, Washington.  Pat and Kent really helped us quite a bit in planning and rehearsing the ceremony.  Kent was our minister at the ceremony and he was perfect – a tall slender man who presented a strong and commanding ceremony that added that touch of class to our wedding that we had hoped for.

Pat thought it would be a great addition to the ceremony to have two lucky bamboo stalks combined into one vase, one carried by Xiaohong and one by me and placed together in the vase during the ceremony.  In addition, she suggested that Xiaohong’s sister, Xiaoqing, write a short article about the virtues of a loving and nurturing relationship to be read in Chinese and English.  Her husband, Tom, helped with the English version and Xiaoqing recited the Chinese version.  Xiaoqing helped us so much during our short whirlwind planning and organizing phase – she helped Xiaohong find her beautiful wedding dress and jewelry, and she helped with all the catering for the big day.  We are forever grateful to her and Tom.

We only had time for one rehearsal day before the wedding day.  It was in the afternoon.  I remember that my best man, Yeng Bun, was on hand to practice for that special day.  When my lovely bride-to-be arrived with her parents for rehearsal and she stepped through the front door, Yeng whispered into my left ear as he looked upon her, “Wow!  You did good, Chris!”  Yes, I did.  I got the most wonderful wife in the world and the romance between us is still as strong as it was on the magical day we met and later when we were married.  You can see it in the photos that Jenny took.

I remember the wedding day.  That stormy Saturday on November 4, 2006.  Outside it was torrential rain and strong winds, but inside the beautiful Victorian Manor it was a different world – all the intense planning we had done in that short 13 days, paid off.  Everyone of our friends and family thought ours was the best wedding they had ever attended.  And when the night came and many of the guests departed, I remember feeling like the day went by too quickly and I couldn’t believe it was all over.  Unlike some men, I loved my wedding day.  I was neither scared nor uneasy.  Everything just worked beautifully.  No mistakes or catastrophes. Simply a lovely wedding and a perfect time with friends and family.  We’ll never forget that magical day.

We present for your enjoyment some of the beautiful photos that Jenny Olson captured on our wedding day, organized into a special slideshow presentation with some of the music we played during our actual wedding ceremony.  I put this together a few days after we received the photos from Jenny back in 2006.

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