Ocean Park

Chris & Hong go underwater

Ocean Park

Ocean Park

June 14, 2011

Opened in 1977, Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong’s favorite attractions, featuring rides, exhibits and conservation facilities. It’s Hong Kong’s version of Seaworld. Ocean Park is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, covering more than 870,000 square meters of land. The park is separated into two main attraction areas – the waterfront plaza which consists of animal exhibits, the aqua city lagoon and grand aquarium, panda exhibits and a bird theatre. The summit is the second area and it features the ocean theater, an amazing jellyfish exhibit, and a huge amusement park complete with a ferris wheel and lots of roller coasters.

We start our visit at the Aqua City Lagoon. During the day, the lagoon features dancing fountains and refreshing water sprays in the hot summer sun. At night, this display is transformed into a stage for the world’s first 360 degree water screen show, called Symbio, which features two 9 meter tall dragons.

The grand aquarium in Ocean Park features over 5000 fish from over 400 species and many other aquatic wonders. At the touch pool, children get hands-on experience with sea cucumbers and sea stars as they develop an appreciation for sea life. In the bubble tunnel, we can see the fish swim by the world’s largest aquarium dome, which stands at an astounding 5.5m in diameter.

At the ‘Amazing Asian Animals’ exhibit you can visit some of Asia’s rarest animals from all over the continent.

We enjoy an interactive journey of discovery at the ‘Giant Panda Adventure’ where we get to know some of the Asia’s most precious native animals like giant pandas, red pandas, Chinese giant salamanders and Chinese alligators.

There’s a spectacular display of goldfish at the ‘Goldfish Treasures’ exhibit.

At the bird theater, we take in a show called “Emperors of The Sky” which showcases the Macaw, Eagle Owl, Steppes Eagle and Crane in a high-flying aerial show about conserving these endangered species.

There are two ways to get up to the summit at Ocean Park, one is the Ocean Express high speed train, and the other is the cable car, which we’ll take now. On the cable car, you get an aerial view of the entire park.

Our first visit on the summit at Ocean Park is the fascinating display of jellyfish, called Sea Jelly Spectacular, which features more than 1,000 jellyfish of all sizes from all over the world.

Next, Ocean Park’s talented marine mammals and trainers present a heart-warming and delightful performance about the dream of how human and animals could live together with love and respect.

We leave the summit and travel in the high-speed Ocean Express train back down to the waterfront plaza.

Video from our visit:

Photos from our visit:

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