New York City Hall

We go down to city hall

New York City Hall

New York City Hall

New York’s City Hall is one of the oldest continuously used City Halls in the nation that still houses its original governmental functions. Designed by Joseph François Mangin and John McComb, Jr. and completed in 1812, New York’s City Hall building is a national history landmark and is listed on the national register of historic places.

The building’s architecture is an example of French Renaissance Revival style. The original brownstone and Massachusetts marble facade was replaced in 1954 with Alabama limestone.

The interior of city hall is an example of Georgian Revival style.

The rotunda is a soaring space with a grand marble stairway rising up to the second floor, where ten fluted Corinthian columns support the coffered dome, which was added during a 1912 restoration project.

The building’s Governor’s Room hosted President-elect Abraham Lincoln in 1861, and his coffin was placed on the staircase landing across the rotunda when he lay in state in 1865 after his assassination. Ulysses S. Grant also lay in state beneath the soaring rotunda dome.

The Governor’s Room, which is used for official receptions, also houses one of the most important collections of 19th century American portraiture and notable artifacts such as George Washington’s desk.

The Ceremonial Room is where the mayor would meet officials and hold small group meetings. It features over a hundred paintings from the late 18th through the 20th centuries. Among the important paintings in this collection is John Trumbull’s 1805 portrait of Alexander Hamilton, which served as the source for the engraving of his face on the US ten dollar bill.

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