Nanjiao Park

Chris and Hong take in a show

Nanjiao Park

Nanjiao Park

Nanjiao Park is located in the south urban part of Changsha city, on the edge of the Xiangjiang River. The park is about 100 acres in size and it has three major scenic spots – Manzhu Lake, Xiu Peak, and Shuhong Pavillion. The park is very popular amongst the locals as a place to have fun with the family on warm summer days. There’s plenty of amusement rides and activities for the whole family. Many large open spaces in the park are popular for holiday photo opportunities, or just a place to rest a while.

We journey up a forest trail toward the large fun park area. We arrive just in time for some daredevil acrobatics on the high wire. We find a place on the lawn and wait for the next extravaganza to start. It looks like a family of motorcycle riders are going to perform some tricks in the ever popular wire globe cage. Not just motorcycles, but a bicycle finds its way into the act. Not sure about the safety in this, but a small boy is going to join in with his own routine.

After the show is over, we explore some of the rest of the park. Children and adults alike seem to be at home here in Nanjiao Park – it’s full of activity wherever you look. Our visit to Nanjiao Park has come to an end, but we will always remember the fun we had here.

Video from our visit:

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