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Haus der Natur

Haus der Natur

June 1, 2010

The Museum of Natural History and Technology’s Aquarium is considered one of the most beautiful aquariums in Central Europe. Its 36 tanks, the biggest one holding 10,000 liters of water, present the wonders of underwater life in vivid detail.

The myriad of tanks permit close-up observation of the aquatic inhabitants of the Mediterranean, the Amazon, and many from local waters. Reptiles and amphibians are all on display in the Reptile Zoo.

Approximately 200 reptiles and amphibians, most of which are not indigenous to Austria, inhabit 56 terrariums. In addition to domestic snakes, well-known poisonous snakes from all over the world as well as water and land turtles, lizards, frogs and Mississippi alligators can be observed in naturally styled terrariums.

But the museum is much more than just an Aquarium. The Space Research Hall features an original-size diorama of the moon landing. A space station of the future, and a mercury spacecraft in original size as well as a number of rocket models, are also on display here.

About 80 different experimental stations let visitors operate turbines or hear and feel the music in a walk-in violin. Each of these interactive experiments puts us in touch with the Science of Nature.

We’re in luck this year as a special exhibit on Neanderthals in Europe and evolution is on display in the museum.

Video from our visit:


Photos from our visit:

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