France 2015 - Toulouse

Chris & Hong explore space

France 2015 – Toulouse

France 2015 - Toulouse

We end our journey across France at Toulouse, home of Airbus and known as the pink city because of all the pinkish colored stone used to construct the famous buildings in the city.

We visit the beautiful city capitol building with it’s stately neoclassical design and lavishly decorated interior. Next to the capitol building is the Donjon du Capitole, which was originally used as an archives tower and interrogation dungeon. Today it’s home to the local tourist office.

Two beautiful churches highlight Toulouse, the Basilica of Saint Sernin is said to house the remains of the first bishop of Toulouse. Near the shores of the Garonne River that slices through Toulouse, nearby the Pont Neuf, is the Notre Dame de la Daurade, which houses a copy of the original Black Madonna icon that was stolen in the 15th century.

We eat lunch and enjoy the sunshine in the Grand Rond, a lovely public garden that was created from a 200 meter diameter traffic roundabout in the 1750s.

Finally we visit the City of Space in the outskirts of Toulouse. It’s a theme park of all things space exploration that was originally opened in 1997.

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