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The Liechtenstein Musuem

The Liechtenstein Musuem

May 23, 2010 – Vienna, Austria

On our second day in Vienna, we visit the beautiful Liechtenstein Musuem.  There we find baroque and early renaissance masterpieces that are part of the royal family’s collection of art treasures.  One of the original royal carriages is on display along with beautiful ceiling frescoes and fantasic marble and bronze statues and freizes.

In the morning just after we arrived, we were fortunate to enjoy a performance by the world-famous Correlli Concert live in gallery 7 of the museum.  Their masterful performance combined with the incredibly rich acoustics of this room made for a performance full of passion and lovely tone.  The Correlli Concert is a world-renowned quartet from Estonia who specializes in performances of Correlli, Scarlatti, and other chamber music.  The two violinists, the harpsicordist, and the celloist were all true masters and each selection they performed showcased their tremendous talent.

We purchased two of their CDs that were recorded right here in Vienna.  What made the day even more special was that later that day, on our way to Prater, we met the harpsicordist on the U6 underground train!  What a delightful coincidence!

Video from our visit:


Photos from our visit:

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