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Cruising Vienna’s Danube

Cruising Vienna’s Danube

May 26, 2010 – Vienna, Austria

We cruise down the Danube in Vienna onboard the Hundertwasser-designed boat, the MS Vindobona.

We take off from Schwedenplatz pier, just next to the underground subway station.  We cruise to a port near the Danube Island called Reichsbrucke.  Along the way we see the Urania observatory, the Gasometer city, the Freudenau locks, a Buddist pagoda, and the largest stadium in Austria.

We arrive in Reichsbrucke and immediately notice the striking city line of Danube Island.  In the opposite direction we see the St. Francis of Assisi church in Mexikoplatz, a park that was dedicated to the friendship between Franz Joseph’s Austria and Mexico.

We take time to explore the church of St. Francis of Assisi.  After we’re done, we board the MS Vienna for the journey back to Schwedenplatz.  Along that route we see the tallest Danube Tower, the next tallest Millennium Tower, the Nussdorf Locks, a Thermal Waste Treatment plant designed by Hundertwasser, the Rossau Barracks which is now a police station, the Vienna Ring Tower, and finally we pass by the Kaiserbad Locks on our way home to Schwedenplatz pier.

Video from our visit:


Photos from our visit:

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