Changsha's Seaworld

Chris and Hong go underwater

Changsha’s Seaworld

Changsha's Seaworld

Next door to Changsha’s Window of the World, which we visited before, is Seaworld, a 100 acre aquarium and fun park. On the day we visited, hundreds of local elementary school kids were on hand to greet us – in English no less.

Seaworld is part aquarium and part theme park. However, on the day we visited the theme park part seemed to be closed. Despite the lack of operating amusement, we entertain ourselves with an adventure through some of the interesting man-made caves and simulated island mysteries that surround us. We climb to the top of a cliff-side passage that resembles something out of an Indian Jones adventure. I walk the canyon ropeway to the other side where a secret passage lies. I look back to see that my wife has snapped my photo in the midst of this suspense.

Lots of water slides and rides for the kids to enjoy all over the park.

We make our way to the aquarium entrance only to be greeted by a photo shoot of some Seaworld mascots. Inside we find a world-class aquarium rivaling many of the aquariums we’ve seen in other parts of the world. The aquarium has over one thousand different species of sea life and fresh water fish. Several areas of the aquarium are made to look like tropical rainforests complete with waterfalls and riverbeds that you can walk across. We enter the Benthal Tunnel, which features a moving floor that transports you through one of the largest see-through aquarium tanks in the world. The tunnel takes you under the sea with everything from sharks to manta rays to sea turtles sailing over you in a 360 degree panorama. The little feet on the conveyer belt tells us that we’ve reached the end of our journey through the Benthal tunnel.

We find the display of giant sea turtles in an open tank that allows visitors to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. There are many other smaller turtles also on display.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Changsha’s Seaworld.

Video from our visit:

Photos from our visit:

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