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Changsha Zoo

Changsha Zoo

Today we visit the Changsha zoo, in the heart of Changsha.

In addition to one of the most diverse collections of animals in Hunan province, the Changsha zoo has a great collection of birds. The zoo also specializes in breeding animals from outside China, both wild and domesticated.

Construction of the zoo began in 1956. In the beginning, mostly birds and primates were the main attractions. Today, the zoo has more than 200 types of animals, including 15 different species of carnivores, 52 different species of birds, 46 different types of amphibians and reptiles, and 22 different kinds of tropical marine animals.

In addition to many animals, there are also several rides and attractions for kids.

The African animal collection includes all the usual members plus a Yunnan Leopard. A huge but adorable hippo with it’s baby demonstrates to us how to relax in the pool.

Of course the zoo also features a giant panda. The Changsha zoo has an extensive collection of monkeys. The collection of monkeys features some Jinsi monkeys. They enjoy climbing and playing in a large natural display area.

There are several Siberian tigers on display. And of course the king of all of them watches quietly.

The zoo has some great animal shows periodically throughout the day. We were lucky enough to catch this great exotic bird show. In one act, someone in the audience calls out a number and the bird has to find the number on a tag. In another hilarious act, the birds are only interested in grabbing the biggest bills from the audience. Later we catch a Sea lion and dolphin show. In one act the sea lion must do some arithmetic. Now it’s time for those acrobatic dolphins to perform some amazing tricks.

Video from our visit:

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