Changsha Day and Night

Exploring Changsha

Changsha Day and Night

Changsha Day and Night

June 6, 2011

We arrive at Changsha’s airport at night and my wife’s friend Luo Qiu Ping is there to greet us and help with luggage. He drives us to our hotel in downtown Changsha, and we get a glimpse of Changsha at night. When we arrive we give Luo Qiu Ping a special gift of a laser cut scene of Seattle and the city skyline.

The next day, it’s time to explore Changsha. Wuyi Square Park is a popular park for all the residents who live around it. Many watched the 2008 Olympics on a big screen TV in this park. Taiping Street (or Peaceful Street) is a culturally important street in Changsha because it preserves the ancient market flavor that once was everywhere in China.

At night, Changsha comes alive with light. We drive by the distinctive architecture of the north bridge across Xiangjiang River. We get out of the car and walk along the promenade park along the Xiangjiang river. The massive apartment buildings tower above us. This long arcade has colorful changing light displays overhead. The large sail like structure is like a permanent circus tent and is used as a venue for outdoor concerts and shows. A large line of lanterns mark the entrance to the Xiangchun Lu street market.

Video from our visit:

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